What do we offer?

A hand-made custom designed kite wave board.
Your graphical design and specifications + our experience results in the board of your dreams.
Save the fair of the airline companies.
Don't run the risk of damaging your board during the flight.

If you ever considered one..

This is the time to get a hand made, customized kite wave board with your graphical design. Too expensive? Too cumbersome to get it done? No time during the holidays? We can make it work for you.
Your board will be ready for you at the start of your downwind trip, at the beginning of your holiday.We make it possible and affordable
Why not order one today? We guarantee it will be the best present you can get and the greatest souvenir to take back home.

No risk of damaging your board during the flight, and no need to pay the high fairs for taking your surf board on the plane

What we offer

  • Your specifications and graphical design.
  • On an Custom build kite wave board.
  • We combine our knowledge and experience with your creativity.
  • Ready for pick-up in Cumbuco at the start of your holiday!
  • Price?:Eur 595 and you don’t need to pay transport fee to the airline.

Only happy customers so far.

Order yours, get ready to ride!!

a few steps

Follow these four steps and we'll have your board ready on your arrival.
Handmade custom designed, the only limitation is your imagination..
We need 14 days to get it ready.


Some details

Answer a few questions about you and the size / width / shape of the board you’d like.



Download the blank surfboard example, paint, draw, scribble on it, scan and email it back to us.


Confirmation time

We will check, feedback and confirm the details. Now is the time for 50% pre-payment via Paypal or transfer.


Pickup and surf.

Sit back and relax, hop on the plane, collect your board in our Cumbuco shop and start riding on the first day of your holiday!!

Technical options

We build any size and shape board that you can imagine. We can use a swallow tail, fish/wing tail, thumb tail or any tail you can describe to us. We will shape hard rails for better edging and include 5 fin-boxes for a 3- or 4- fin setup. If you are not sure what that all means, don’t worry. You can also tell us: “I am 75 kg, just started riding waves, need something that is stable and fun.” And we mix our expertise in it to get a good board made for you.

Graphical Design

The limit is your imagination, serious! You can photoshop, draw, paint anything on the empty example, front and back of the board. Our painter will project it on the board and copy it. Check out some examples that worked out very well..


For EUR 595 you get an Custom build board with 3 or 5 fin boxes, 3 fins, strap inserts and a paint job. Pads, straps and leashes are available in our shop. (or any other surf shop in town). 50% needs to be paid for us to start, 50% on the day of your pick-up. We except Paypal, transfer to an account in Holland or to Brasil.


Our shaper has 29 years of experience and has made thousands of boards so far. He knows the edges, angels and dimensions that are needed to create the perfect board for you.

order form

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3..
Answer a few questions, send us your graphical design and we will get back to you with a confirmation and pre-payment details.

Average size is 5'8", go for longer 5'10" - 6'0 if you want to ride lighter winds or when you are in beginner mode.

Length and width of the board


The swallow tail enables faster and sharper turns then the thumb. For smoother, more stable feeling go for a squash or a round. The wing is a special one which fits well on a wider board. No clue? You can't go wrong with a round.

Which board tail would you like ?

.faster turns

.the middle way

.stable ride


We normally build strap inserts in the board, so you can add your straps later. If you are one of those "just strapless" riders, you can decide to leave them out. If you leave it up to us, we'll put them in.

Do you want strap inserts ?

Go creative! Download the blank sample surfboard paint, scribble and draw on it, or use photoshop.. Design the front and back-side of your board, upload it and let us do our magic.

Upload your graphical design here:

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custom boards, available for everybody !!

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